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Discussion Topic: Ohio Advocates & Agencies

Identify an agency that provides immigrant or migrant services in Ohio and describe the following:

    1. What population does the agency serve?
    2. What problem(s) do they address through their services?
    3. How do those services relate to common social determinants of health and/or risk factors to health for this population? Make sure to define your terms.
    4. How are they funded?
  • Initial response due by Thursday at 11:59 PM EST
    • You do not need to provide two references in this post, but you must properly cite the organization/agency website correctly using APA format.
  • Respond to TWO peers due by Friday at 11:59 EST
    • In your response, you can provide additional information,provide a counter point or compare classmates analyses. You should cite at least one specific resource in each post; it can be from course materials or other resources.
  • Use APA format.