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Social Privilege and Oppression Assignment

Open up the . Read each of the statements and indicate whether the statement is true for you. Write T if the statement is true for you, and F if the statement is not true for you. Remember your reactions to certain statements, such as if it is something you believe, have witnessed or experienced, or are surprised by, or have questions about.

When you are finished, complete the following reflection assignment below.


The true statements reflect moments when you may have experienced oppression, and the false indicates a certain level of social privilege. Consider the following prompts below when writing your two-page paper (500 words) reflecting on this experience: (IAM FROM CUBA AND I SPEAK ORIGINALLY SPANISH THAT INFO ABOUT ME MAY HELP WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT, I CAME TO THE USA WHEN I WAS 16 YEARS OLD, I HAD TO START LEARNING ENGLISH FROM 0 AND I HAD TO GO TO HIGH SCHOOL)

  1. Reflect on your feelings when discovering moments of privilege or oppression tied to your social identity.
  2. Identify common experiences across social identity groups. Discuss any overlap and its broader implications for understanding privilege and oppression.
  3. Relate your findings to the cycle of socialization from the previous module.
  4. Acknowledge your feelings about others’ experiences of oppression. Based on this awareness, how can you take steps to be a more effective ally for social justice?