Nursing Research

 Week 8 Ethics and Role of IRB 

A Read the assignment in its entirety prior to initiating the activity. Step 1: In this discussion you will discuss experiment ethics. Reflect on the Milgrim Study, the Stanford Prison Experiment, or the Tuskegee Syphillis Study. Describe the ethical failings of the experiment and how adherence to the guidelines in the Brandman IRB website could have changed the situation. Then, describe the potential risks to subjects in your CSP. Step 2: This assignment requires each student to collaborate with classmates on the design of their projects. Each student must make a substantive comment on three classmates posts on or before Friday. A substantive comment points out a strength of the design or an opportunity to refine the design. Step 3: Each student must respond to his/her classmates comments about his/her project on or before Sunday night. Responses must demonstrate that the student understands the classmates feedback and is willing to incorporate it into the design of the project or has a cogent reason for not doing so. The initial post should be 300 to 400 words long. The post should be written using the  professional style described in the APA manual (6th ed.). *You will also need to include an APA reference list at the bottom of your post to the extent  possible in Bb DB format (i.e. no indenting or double spacing). 




The Link to Stanford Prison experiment

The Link to Milgram Study