Professional Organization Meeting

Attend the meeting of a professional nursing organization such as a chapter meeting of Sigma Theta Tau, AACN, ENA, AWHON, FNA or FONE. Students may also attend open meetings of a nurse practice council within their organization of employment so long as they are not a member of that council. Unit level staff meetings or in-services are not acceptable for this assignment. Meetings are preferred to be in person, but given the social changes due to efforts to control disease, virtual meetings are acceptable (both in real time and prerecorded, on demand).

The preferred type of meeting is one that covers the business of the organization. This is to expose the student to the inner workings of how such organizations function. But in the event that the student is not able to access such meetings, a meeting focused on practice education is acceptable. Depending on the type of meeting attended, the report of the student will differ slightly.

Submit a formal report on the proceedings. The report must include the observations of the meeting and possible impacts on the community the organization may or may not have. If a business type meeting is attended, community impact reflections must be included in the report.  Specifically, how will this meeting impact the community? If a practice education type meeting is attended, the report must reflect how what the student learned will alter that student’s personal practice of nursing.

If a virtual on-demand business type meeting is attended, it may be no older than 90 days. The report must include a working URL.

The report adheres to APA 7th formatting guidelines, appropriate grammar, cover page, references, etc. 

Rubric attached