Religious Studies/Workplace Conflict

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Discussion Topic

In 3 paragraphs, explain your reactions to the video on how Steve Jobs runs his organization. Do you agree or disagree on his organizational approach? Do you think his approach helps promote or reduce stress in an organization?

2. (1 paragraph description per source) (apa citations) (in-text citations are a must)

Choose a topic for your final paper, something about the topic of conflict in workplaces that interests you. This call fall within the whole range of understanding what conflicts occur, to leadership’s role in conflicts, conflict management processes, gender issues, whatever interests you. Do some library journal or book resources and identify 5 sources that you might call upon to help you explain the subject of your research. In a few lines, summarize a key insight of each of the sources.

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Choose an internet video that illustrates dysfunctional organizational behavior. If you are in doubt about where to find one, you can always use one from The Office sitcom, where there is plenty of dysfunction.

What are the factors that create conflict, contribute to its escalation, prevent its resolution, and make it a characteristic of the organizational climate. Use the theoretical approach (conflict theory) you chose to explain in Week 2 to aid in your discussion of the problems seen in the clip. What would you do to reduce or manage the conflict you see in your video.

Provide the link your video after your discussion.

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1/2 book summary


Task: Submit to complete this assignment

In 4 pages, summarize the best principles or sets of understanding from our chosen book. Make connections between your reading of the book and insights provided in class material.

Book/Text: Cloke, K., & Goldsmith, J. (2011). Resolving conflicts at work: Ten strategies for everyone on the job. John Wiley & Sons.

Link for text: