General Instructions

Include the following sections:

  1. ApplicationofCourseKnowledge: Answer all questions/criteria with explanations and detail.
    • Describe a current safety concern in your practice environment.
    • Explain one HIT that could be applied to address the concern.
    • Explain how it could be applied to enhance safety.
    • Identify at least one possible unintended consequence of adopting the HIT.
    • Discuss at least one strategy for mitigating the unintended consequence.
  2. Integration of Evidence: Integrate relevant scholarly sources as defined by program expectations:
    • Cite a scholarly source in the initial post.
    • Cite a scholarly source in one faculty response post.
    • Cite a scholarly source in one peer post.
    • Accurately analyze, synthesize, and/or apply principles from evidence with no more than one short quote (15 words or less) for the week.
    • Include a minimum of two different scholarly sources per week. Cite all references and provide references for all citations.