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State the nursing practice problem for your evidence-based practice project. If your nursing problem has not yet been approved, make any required changes or revisions to your nursing practice problem prior to starting this assignment. Using your approved topic, conduct a literature search and complete the tables below.

Topic The select nursing practice problem for this project is patient readmissions. Readmissions to a healthcare facility are defined as unscheduled return to the hospital within 30 days for the same health condition or issue initially treated. This issue is important because it is an indicator of the quality of care provided. Rates of readmission in healthcare are associated with care quality, patient safety, and health outcomes (Flaks-Manov et al., 2020). For the advanced nurse practitioner, they have a responsibility to ensure high quality care and coordinate healthcare services to provide the best possible level of care. This topic, therefore, is relevant to nurse practitioners. My choice of this topic was largely due to observations of high readmission rates in some community healthcare organizations. Nurse practitioners are likely to practice in community settings and hence should be aware of common morbidity and safety concerns in the setting. The purpose of this project will be to reduce the rates of readmissions in a community healthcare organization run by nurse practitioners. The proposed intervention is the use of transition of care model which entails discharge education, medication reconciliation, and care coordination.