Web Development Project


The purpose of this assignment is to create, upload, validate a website, while learning basic skills in web development. Websites development, quality assurance and sight designers are all positions available for those who desire to work for companies or for state/local government. Web pages are viewed across several platforms including computers, smartphones, smart televisions, and other devices. Because of the various platforms that websites are viewed by it is essential that web design is considered with the end users in mind. Every computer both Mac and the standard personal computer have a form of text editor which allows students to create Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The Mac uses TextEdit and a PC uses Notepad. HTML is the standard language used for web creation.


1. You are required to work through the BEFORE working on this assignment.

2. Please check for the detailed directions.

3. This project utilizes two “Instructor Provided” files. You will need to download and unzip the zip file below in order to access the VideoSample.mp4 and the AudioSample.mp3 files.


Before you submit the URL for this assignment, please verify that the following files have been correctly uploaded to MyDrive.

        • index.html
        • Image file of your choice (.jpg or .png extension)
        • AudioSample.mp3
        • VideoSample.mp4
        • styles.css (you created this file in the )