Week 5 Discussion

In your initial discussion forum post, 

  • Embed the screenshot of your self-assessment results that reflect the four scores:
    • Technical proficiency 
    • Digital literacy 
    • Social competency 
    • Overall digital fluency 
  • Compare your pre- and post-assessment scores: 
    • Did any scores increase? 
    • Did any scores decrease? 
    • Did any scores stay the same? 
  • Interpret your results: 
    • What factors may have influenced the changes between your pre- and post-assessment scores? 
    • If your scores stayed relatively the same, why do you think they did not change? 
  • Provide three pieces of advice you would give to someone wanting to increase their digital fluency. 

Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words and is due on Day 3 (Thursday).