Week 6 Systematic Review Appraisal

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing question and need a reference to help me learn.

Use the information below to help you know which section of the article to use to answer questions in the template:

  • Introduction and its subsections have the purpose or WHY the study was done.
  • Methods section and its subsections contain HOW the study was done.
  • Results, Discussion, and Conclusions section will have WHAT was found.
  • See attached


  • In week 3 you selected a topic of interest and formulated a question about that topic for your Evidence-Based Practice Assignment.
  • In week 4 you searched the literature on your week three topic and submitted three articles for approval towards building your Evidence-Based Practice Assignment.
  • Module 6 readings are a continuation from week 5 that includes chapters 13 and 14 on Appraising Research Evidence and Clinical Practice Guidelines. Please refer to these chapters on how to complete an appraisal using templates provided here in instructions.
  • For the first template in week 6, you will choose either a Qualitative or a Quantitative Review (Please do not complete both Quantitative and Qualitative Appraisal). Your second article is a Systematic Review Appraisal.
  • Make sure you receive approval from your instructor in week 4 for the article you use to complete either the Qualitative or Quantitative Review and for the Systematic Review. There are hyperlinks to these templates in the week 6 instructions. Do not create your own document with answers.
  • Each section of the template is required to be completed as this assignment builds on your Evidence-Based Practice Project. Each template has a citation that must be submitted in APA format. Answers to questions in Synopsis sections are required (see template examples in your book). Each question must have an answer of 1-2 full sentences in length per question. Credibility section Yes/No answers are also required. The Comments area is also required and should be at least 1-3 sentences noting how this article relates to your nursing issue topic from week 3 and what you thought was significant.
  • You will be using these articles again in your week 9 Evidence Based Practice Project Poster.
  • Please review the rubric closely and proof your work reviewing instructions before you submit.

The chosen topic and PICOT will be used for your Week 9 Poster Assignment. It guided your article searches in Week 4 which will be used in completing your appraisals in Week 6.