What are some strategies that could be used in this campaign?

Infectious Epidemiology1.The Massive Waterborne Outbreak of Cryptosporidium Infections, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1993 .Early on in this investigation, it was clear that there was an emerging public health problem because the health department was receiving calls from several sources. So if they already knew they had a problem, then how did performing active surveillance by calling emergency departments and labs around the region to determine diarrhea-related illness numbers help the health dept. investigators?2.A Community Outbreak of Hepatitis A Involving Cooperation Between Public Health, the Media, and Law Enforcement, Iowa, 1997 .The authors explained that they needed to have a vaccination campaign that targeted methamphetamine users. What are some strategies that could be used in this campaign? In your proposal, pay attention to the barriers recognized in the reading. 3.Tracking a Syphilis Outbreak Through CyberspaceTracking a Syphilis Outbreak Through CyberspaceThe author refers to conditions that are required for potentially eradicating an infectious disease. What are those conditions? Can you name some other infectious diseases that meet these criteria?

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