What are the immediate issues you would consider?

Preventative Medicine (Case Study)
Suzy is a 46 year old woman who runs her own business. She has come to see you because she is feeling stressed by her commitments at work and home. She is married with two children aged 16 and 22 years. She smokes a packet of cigarettes per day and admits to drinking a bottle of wine at night to relax. She gets annoyed when her husband tells her to cut down on drinking. She has tried quitting smoking before but she found she got too highly strung and went back to smoking. She doesnt exercise because of the lack of time.
1- What are the immediate issues you would consider?
2- What are the preventive issues to consider?
3- How would you assess her?
4- What benefits could she gain from changing her lifestyle?
5- What options are there for improving her general health?
6- How would you go about working with her to implement those changes?
(Give examples of what you might do and how you would deal with possible responses).

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