what does the IRB do to protect a research participant from harm?

Week 5 Discussion 1: Ethics in Research: Examine the origins of the IRB and analyze how the review board guides or monitors research.
questions to answer in the discussion: 1) what does the IRB do to protect a research participant from harm? 2). one of the reasons for the existence of the IRB has to do with screening research applications. What is the basis for such screening? 30 The IRB provides the guidelines for ethical research practice. What would the researcher responsibilities be in terms of these guidelines? scholarly source attached please. from Monette, Sullivan, Dejong, & Hilton (2014) please and any other scholarly source.(9th Ed) please!!!!
Week 5D2: Ethical Implications: Assume you were interested in the issues related to violence in elementary level school children. focusing on the perpetration of bullying we are asked to identify ”ethical” factors involved in our proposed research. our list is to include research issues, and ethical implications beyond informed consent condition. scholarly sources follow please.
Final Paper: Treatment intervention outcomes for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder( Please read all of the bullets that are attached to the final papers instructions with bonafide scholarly sources, not just sources from the internet’s Wikipedia or search engine or from other colleges Thanks. Is anyone interested in tackling this feat for me?

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