What is the dollar benefit of the system to DrugsR Us?

av Show more Drugs R Us operates a mail order pharmaceutical business on the West Coast. The firm receives an average of $325000 in payments per day. On average it takes four days for the firm to receive payment from the time customers mail their checks to the time the firm receives and processes them. A lockbox system that consists of ten local depository banks and a concentration bank in San Francisco would cost $6500 per month. Under this system customers checks would be received at the lockbox locations one day after they are mailed and the daily total would be wired to the concentration bank at a cost of $9.75 each. Assume that the firm can earn 10 percent on marketable securities and that there are 260 working days and hence 260 transfers from each of the ten lockbox locations per year. a. What is the total annual cost of operating the lockbox system? b. What is the dollar benefit of the system to DrugsR Us? c. Should the firm initiate the lockbox system? What is the net gain or loss on the lockbox system? Show less

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